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PostSubject: RULES & REGULATION FOR FORUM.   Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:24 pm

1. Keep private information private. No posting of contact numbers and email addresses, whether it be in the signature or otherwise.

2. Avoid double posting. Double post includes not only two posts with the same content but also having different post reply on posts. You can quote different post in the same thread to your reply. Double posts will be warned.

3. NO SPAMMING. Post replies that say more than just "I agree," "Yes," "Good Idea," "Good Work," "Nice One", "I Disagree", etc. You can reply with these phrases, but include the reason why you agree or disagree so your post won't be a waste. Post that contains only a smiley shall be warned.

4. Avoid Posting Same Threads on Different Categories. You can use Search to find if there is an existing threads same as what you are thinking.

5. Please avoid typing in ALL CAPS or StIcKy CaPs or txt language. Sticky caps is not only hard to read but also annoying for those unfamiliar with this style, while all caps appears you're shouting to your post or reply. Using txt language makes it difficult to understand and not everybody have the same shorthand language as yours.

6. Refrain from excessive use of punctuation marks or smiley faces (Example : Kamusta ka naman, ang tagal mong nawala??!??!??!.. Miss na kita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

7. Keep your heads cool and don't create tension in the boards. Sometimes, discussions get a little heated. We would like to remind everybody that it's fine to have some debates and discussions, but to stoop to name-calling and bashing is totally unnecessary. No posts made to hurt back. Use of vulgar language is also not allowed. Posts with curse words will also be warned.

8. Stay on topic. Off-topic posts, or threads started in the wrong forum, shall be moved.

9. Your signature must not contain any images. Signatures with images will be edited.

10. If you posted something and no one's replied to it yet, you can EDIT your post. Don't post it again and again or reply and say that no one's answering your question.

11. The promotion of other sites or products is not allowed. As a RESPECT to the forum kindly avoid doing such. Putting advertising links in posts is only okay as long as it contributes to the topic.

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